• One year lease

  • Monthly rents starting at $1,335 for second floor middle units and $1,355 for the first floor units and the second floor corner units above the garages

  • Security deposit equal to one month rent

  • Renter responsible for gas, electric and sewer/water

Pet Policy

  • Dogs and cats allowed (2 pets per unit limit)

  • Additional $30 per month for one pet; $45 per month for two pets

  • Dogs must be under 45 pounds  

  • No large aggressive dogs

  • Owner must have had pet for a minimum of one year

  • Documentation from the veterinarian required for proof of all shots

  • Cats must be de-clawed and neutered with documentation from the veterinarian

  • Pet waste must be immediately removed, placed in plastic bag and disposed of in dumpster

  • Any pet waste removed from the yard by the landlord will be charged to your security deposit for all cost involved 

  • Additional $300 security deposit per pet required


  • No grilling on decks or patios, no grills to be stored on decks or patios, grilling can be done in your space in front of the garage at least 10' away from the building and the grill is to be stored in your garage after it has cooled off.

  • Decks & patios shall be limited to furniture.  Bicycle's, toys & unsightly personal property is to be stored in your garage not on the exterior of the building.

  • Do not attach personal property to the exterior pf the building by means of hooks or nails.

  • Parking: vehicles to be parked in tenant's garage or in assigned parking space.  No parking in the street, no permanent parking on the premises of RV's boats, campers, trailers, etc.  RV's, campers, boats, & trailers will be allowed on the property for up to a 24 hour period of time so tenant may make preparations for their planned trip.  Upon return of your trip your RV, boat camper or trailer is to be stored off the premises.

  • Lids on dumpsters & recyclable containers to remain closed at all times.

  • Tenants are not allowed to mount or hire a contractor to mount satellite dishes anywhere on the building or property (there will be a choice of cable by Spectrum, Direct TV & AT&T phone line).

  • No picnic tables, hammocks, lawn chairs or fire pits are allowed in the yard.

  • No painting of the interior apartment walls allowed by the tenant.  Painting is allowed if tenant hires a contractor & picks colors approved by the landlord.

  • Tenant to provide a written notice 60 days from rent day prior to moving.

  • Apartment, appliances, bath tubs, showers, floors & carpets are to be cleaned by tenant prior to vacating the unit.

  • Tenant is responsible for keeping the drains clean.  Do not put grease, rice, large amounts of lettuce or noodles in the garbage disposal.  Tenants shall not allow excessive amounts of hair in the bathroom sinks, or flush sanitary napkins in the bathroom sinks, or flush sanitary napkins or Q-tips down the toilets.

  • We request that you keep the snow out from under the seal on the garage door, and keep the garage door closed in the winter in consideration to the units above the garages.

  • Management will change the furnace filter in October.  Notice to be given by a sign in the street

  • Our goal is to provide a neat, clean, safe & desirable place to live:  Thank you for your cooperation.

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